’s (SPS) research update covering Investview (symbol: INVU) will be published by as early as 1:00PM today.  The 11/5/21 update explained why the Cammarata issue presented a rare buying opportunity and promised that an updated report on INVU would be published by 11/12/21.

To produce the report founder and analyst Michael Markowski conducted in-depth research on Investview’s Financial Statements.  This enabled him to discover that based on the company’s annualized FREE CASH FLOW Yield, (FCY) the shares should currently be trading at a low of $0.18 and a high of $0.30.  Share price closed at $0.07 on 11/11/21 and high for the year was $0.79.

For two reasons believes that the share price of Investview could gap much higher when the update is published later today.

  • Markowski is considered by all of the major financial media publications to be the foremost expert at analyzing Cash Flow Statements. See Wall Street Journal article.  See also Michael Markowski’s media highlights.
  • Michael recommended shares of Investools in 2003, a company with a similar subscription model and high Free Cash Yield. The share price went from $0.20 to as high as $18.00, prior to Investools being acquired by Ameritrade.

The video below titled “Free Cash Flow” explains how Markowski utilized his FREE CASH FLOW analytics to discover Investools. recommends that the shares be aggressively purchased via market orders as soon as possible and by market close of today.  Markowski’s report will include his rationale for the share price to gap higher on Monday from whatever the closing price is today, Friday November 12, 2021.  Investview will report its second quarter ended 9/30/21 on or before Monday 11/15/21.  Michael believes that the probability is high that Investview’s results will far exceed expectations. 

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