Investview shares are a Screaming “BUY”

The shares of Investview (OTCBB:INVU), one of the US’s three largest publicly traded bitcoin miners are a screaming buy.  The shares have declined by as much as 46% from yesterday’s closing price of $0.0963. has covered Investview since 2019 and had recommended the shares at the following dates and prices (see chart below).  Since Shiny Pennies’ initial recommendation at $0.03 per share, Investview shares have traded at a high of $0.79.

The shares have declined on heavy volume due to its CEO being arrested.  See “SEC, U.S. Attorney charge 3 N.J. & N.Y. men with stealing $40 million as sham victims in class-action suits”.   The rationale for the sell-off is that Investview’s shareholders and short sellers believe that Investview will be implicated.

I had some business dealings with Joe Cammarata at his offices in New Jersey in 2018 and 2019.  Based on what I observed during my visits, I am 99% confident that the company will not be implicated.  Mr. Cammarata’s alleged activities were going on well before he became the CEO of Investview in December 2019.   

Investors should leverage my personal knowledge to take advantage of the sell-off to aggressively purchase shares at prices below $0.10.’s plan is to produce an update on Investview which will be available by November 12, 2021.  The update will include price targets for shares in 2022, which will be well above the November 4, 2021 day’s closing price.   

Michael Markowski, visionary analyst